First post, first rant :-p

(actually recycling a recent article of mine, but I guess blogs are the default channel for those nowadays, so here goes)

This blurb is meant as a quick answer to ERS's World Domination 201. It's christmas so I figure I can indulge myself a little.

So you really still expect Linux to take over the Desktop someday ?

Let's make a quick check of some of ESR's previous predictions : "I now think that Microsoft monopoly is going to collapse for other reasons in the near future.", back in 2000. And "When the price of a PC falls below $350, Microsoft will no longer be viable,", in 2002.

Anyway, in my opinion, here's what it would take for it to happen :

More seriously, we're stuck for the forseeable future with divided, ego-driven efforts, because

1 : which brings a funny paradox, in that OSS is often seen as being anti-capitalistic as opposed to the software industry, more specifically Microsoft, but at the project level, MS is the rigid communist one while OSS is the free-market contender - it's easy to see that, in all cases, any paradigm fails when erected as a dogma in spite of reality)