3rd post : the iphone

‘kay, gotta talk about something a bit more current.

Beyond the huge buzz this baby has created, it’s been long since a device has generated this kind of geek lust. Pretty much everybody I know wants one. That doesn’t mean much, everybody I knew back then wanted a BeBox too. OK, I’m screwing around here, Be never had a chance from the start. If a large company had introduced the BeBox, that would have been another story.

Anyway, some random thoughts :

  • the price : doesn’t seem that excessive to me, that’s what I paid for my Treo 600 2 years ago
  • said Treo looked desperately outfashioned, obsolete, OLD, the minute I saw it featured along with the Blackberry and other smartphones against the iphone during the keynote. Seriously, never before have I seen a piece of hardware go from “a bit used, but still current” to “paperweight” in an instant, right in front of my eyes. Creepy.
  • the touchscreen. I’ll have to try it before I get an opinion on this one. The Treo keyboard is adequate, I don’t think I’ve ever used a touchscreen as a keyboard for any kind of prolonged use before. You might ask, do people really go into hour-long texting/mailing sessions often anyway ? It seems the answer is affirmative. I trust Apple to have given this one some careful thought, though.

One more thing… Enough with the ‘iphone shuffle’ jokes already :-).

One thought on “3rd post : the iphone”

  1. I don’t want one, and I confess to not quite understanding why other people do. Nothing to do with Apple really, I just feel that way about PDAs in general. Maybe it’s just that I don’t usually have any pockets big enough to comfortably put one in.

    I do have a Blackberry, which I use quite a bit. I like the fact that it’s boring, doesn’t want to be my friend, and isn’t much good for anything except its designated task, which is handling work-related email. I don’t take it everywhere with me and I don’t use it as a phone. It’s not a desirable object, not the sort of thing you _want_, but it is effective.

    Previously I had a Palm V given to me by an employer, but I never thought of a use for that. It’s probably in a box under a bed somewhere, or I may have thrown it away.

    I did want a BeBox though.


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