Assorted iPhone items

So, like many (‘many’ being the understatement of the year here), I’ve watched the 20mn iPhone tour Apple has just released, and would therefore like to post my thoughts.

  • if there’s a search feature for the contacts, I wonder why they didn’t show it. Otherwise this would be one area where my Treo is more convenient that the iPhone (typing a few letters instantly shows the contacts whose names start with the typed sequence). Given how large a contact list usually grows, searching through it alphabetically just doesn’t cut it, no matter how fancy the scrolling is. I really hope they haven’t pulled another ‘cursor keys are obsolete’ here (Jobs decided against adding cursor keys on the keyboard of the very first Macintosh, arguing that they were no longer needed now they had this wonderful new device called the mouse – I hope the iPhone’s ‘flick scroll’ hasn’t infatuated them the way the mouse did).
  • It offers quite a bit of custom services (maps, voice mail) that will probably require some integration work on the side of the service providers. I hope they won’t have to trim it down because of this.
  • the maps app really begs for a GPS device
  • Does YouTube really need to be put forward as a major app ? As far as I can see, it’s still only a fancy time-waster, not a “serious” application. That it would be hyped like that really puzzles me.

On a side note : add me on the list of people who think that Ajax as a way to add 3rd party apps on the iPhone is a major disappointment. I just hope that, given how generic a name Ajax is, they didn’t just use any random javascript-based Ajax toolkit and went for a more XUL-like way of doing things. We’ll see.

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