Nabaztag ? Not just yet.

It seems this cute little device is enjoying a growing attention from geeks all around. I've just taken a long look at it and was very much interested : open API (with a 3rd party Ruby module to boot, a large and dynamic community... then I came across this deal-killer : you can't pilot the nabaztag directly, all requests have to go through Violet's server. If the thing has an embedded web server (like all these devices have), you can't reach it through your LAN.

The usual reaction would be to wonder what the hell ever came through their mind when they took this decision, but I suppose they had a good reason to do things that way. At least I hope so, otherwise it boggles the mind that designers of a rather clever device would make such a blunder. And sure enough they paid the price for it, since it seems that last Christmas their servers keeled over under the registration requests of the new rabbits.

I'll still keep an eye on it, hopefully they'll change this.