Canon 40D announced at last

Well, after months of wait and speculation, Canon finally announced the 40D. Specs look good, though I wish they'd look into a HDR sensor like the Fuji S5 Pro has. I don't care about the full frame, my walk-around lens is the 17-55 f2.8 IS, for which there's no equivalent in the EF line (not with IS). And given that Canon seems pretty committed to the EF-S lens line, it's a safe bet the x0D line won't be full frame anytime soon.

Aside of that, the real attractive feature is the WiFi grip. Along with the obvious file-transfer features, it also has gps connectivity and enables wireless shooting through http. Now that is geek-appealing :-).

Anyway, bottom line is, for me the upgrade is tempting, but not compelling. We'll see.