About that Safari 5 reader...

Nice piece about the Safari 5 'reader' feature from Nik Fletcher - (also, Jim Lynch's post on the same topic is hilarious - it seems to be hard for a blogger to exercise restrain and not invoke impending doom at every turn).

Two comments on this : one, this may be Apple nagging Google a bit (less ads viewed...), but Safari's market share is probably too small to make a dent (plus the feature is a port of Arc90's Readability, and nobody made a fuss about that). Second, this may also be a way to tell newspaper that if they want to make a bit more money with their online content, they might want to look at selling iPad apps.

We'll see :-).

Update 15th Jul. 2010 : Both John Gruber and C├ędric remind me that I forgot to write about the most ironic thing in Jim Lynch's post : his blog is the perfect example of the usefulness of the 'reader' feature. A post split into 3 pages where one would have been quite enough, tons of distracting blips all over... Yeah, no wonder he's feeling attacked by this feature.