Random tidbits


First, I finally caved in and moved my site to Gandi, because my previous host had apparently stopped keeping its platform up to date.

Second, this article made me smile. It's a pretty standard diatribe against overly geeky linux fanboys unable to grasp the needs of normal users, but the reactions (starting right with the first one) are hilarious. It got so bad so quickly that the author had to turn off the comments.

Third, Google Wave. It's demise showed me one thing : I'm a very slow blogger :-). I've been meaning to blog about it ever since it was announced, and now it's dead (although I hope the protocol will find its use eventually). Another thing I wanted to say is that a little thing Vic Gundotra said in the opening remarks of the presentation ticked me off. See the video at around 1'20" : (paraphrasing) "with this application you will be amazed by what is possible in the browser". Yeah, well, indeed, the UI is impressive... for a browser-based app. But in absolute terms, it's pretty dull. And that I think is another example of how doing something which would normally be easy, within an environment that makes it hard, skews your perception of what you've achieved. Because it was so hard to make, you think you've done something impressive. Viewed from within, yes, it is. But the end result is not.