more random bits (told-you-so category)

Flash on mobile sucks : Avram Piltch from LaptopMag actually tests Flash on Android : "When Flash 10.1 for Android is good, it’s great, but when it’s bad, it can make even the harshest Apple critic want to e-mail Steve Jobs an apology video playing in HTML 5."

There are also details on how a Flash UI isn't exactly practical on a touch screen. Gee what a surprise.

Web apps aren't the (only) future, native apps aren't going anywhere. Quite the contrary, they are taking over : a long-winded article on Wired claiming (hyperbolically) that the Web is dead, while it actually just explains we're more and more using specialized apps to access web sites : Twitter clients, iPad/iPhone apps, RSS readers, etc...

And finally, yet another step about the iPhone being used as a universal remote : Pioneer has developed iControlAV, a remote control app to drive its new line of AV receivers and Blu-ray players.