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iOS and OS X developer, formerly linux free software developer, photographer for leisure, would-be musician.

I used to be one of the gtkmm developers but have left as of April, 23rd 2000. Here's an explanation why. (07/2000)

For "historical" purposes, here are the slides of a short talk on gtkmm I gave at GUADEC 1.

I got involved in gtkmm because of Rosegarden : we had choosen it to write our GUI. At the time the gtkmm version was 0.3.0. So obviously it wasn't long before I had to add missing stuff here and there, and sent patches. And more patches. And gtkmm ate all my spare time because there was so much to do, and none was left for Rosegarden (plus Rosegarden had a small yet fairly complex codebase, so it was even harder to get back to it after staying away from it for even a short while). And I ended up being one of the gtkmm maintainers.

The obvious direct consequence of my leaving of gtkmm, was for us to move Rosegarden development to Qt/KDE. In retrospect, my only regret is not to have done it earlier, as Qt/KDE has quickly proven to be an excellent C++ development framework, way superior to what gtkmm/gnomemm is or could ever be.

A list of good C++ books. Even though it's several years old, the listed titles are no less useful. I'm no longer very much interested in C++ though. It's unfortunate that it's still the only viable choice for desktop application development on Linux. I hope Mono will eventually change that, but I'm not holding my breath.