Guillaume Laurent's Homepage

iOS and OS X developer, formerly linux free software developer, photographer for leisure, would-be musician.

I'm a member of the development team of Rosegarden, a notation editor and MIDI sequencer for Linux. The other members are Chris Cannam and Richard Bown.

I joined Rich and Chris back in 1995, submitting a patch for version 2.0 (now retired, it was written in C, based on the Athena widget set). Some time after that, we decided to rewrite the whole thing. It took us a long time to actually get anywhere, as we pretty much went through every single possible mistake in software development. Finally, in april 2001, we resumed serious work on Rosegarden. As of today, things are looking reasonably good : we're close to a 1.0 release, and Rosegarden is part of Studio... to Go! by Fervent Software (a company founded by Rich and Chris). Here's an interview of us.

You can download Rosegarden, or take a look at Michael McIntyre's excellent tutorial.