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Simple Music
Note Workout

A fun way to learn notes on your music instrument on iPad and iPhone.

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Simple note exercises to work on your instrument

Learn where the notes are on your instrument with simple exercises

Simple Music Note Workout lets you practice where your notes are on your instrument, music notation reading, and note recognition by ear. Learn your guitar fretboard or your piano keyboard, with a coach that’s always available and never tired.

In each exercise, the app will pick a note at random and wait for you to play it back on your instrument. Through pitch recognition, it will tell you if it’s the right one, and if not, which note you actually played.

There are 3 levels of difficulty : first one will pick notes among C, E, G. 2nd will pick notes from the C major scale, and 3rd one will pick notes from the chromatic scale.

3 Exercises available

Simple Note Exercise

The app picks a note, you play it.

Music Notation Reading

Practice music notation reading.

Ear Training

Recognize notes by ear.

Can't find a note ? Want to skip this one for some reason ? Touch the green button .



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