Uninteresting Pictures

So you're expecting what, pictures of me ? There's already one on the first page. Pictures of my friends ? Nah, that's been done before. Pictures of where I live ? Get a life...

So now, for the first time on the Net (AFAIK), here is : (tada!)

An X-Ray photo of my best friend's brother's skull! skull

And even more uninteresting, (re-tada!):

An X-Ray photo of my best friend's brother's shoulder! shoulder

And last but not least, a recent addition :

A panoramic X-Ray photo of my teeth, before I had two of them surgically removed ! teeth

(you should be able to find at least one of those that were removed)

There. About half a meg of really funky pics that you sure are glad you've seen before going down to push up the daisies.

P.S. : Surprisingly, according to my Apache logs, those are actually seen quite often. However the reason is that they've been linked to in many places.